September 18, 2019

Mitchell Elementary Building Expansion

Mitchell Building Expansion

Mitchell Elementary School was one of three elementary schools in Ames (Edwards and Meeker being the other two) that was part of the April 2018 successful bond referendum for elementary school building additions. We reviewed current enrollment, near-term predictable enrollment, and projected future enrollment and determined the most urgent need for additional space is at Mitchell Elementary.

In April 2019, the school board architectural services by Roseland Mackey Harris Architects (RMHA) for design and construction of addition(s) and renovation at Mitchell Elementary. The scope and goals of the project are to 1) add 6 classrooms to the building, 2) improve the HVAC system to control humidity in the building, and 3) address sound challenges in the music practice area. 

The schematic design phase was completed in August. Various parts of the design will continue through December 2019 with bids going out in January 2020. Construction will start in March 2020 and will continue for a year into the spring of 2021.